Bakersfield rental market

The hot topic of the rental market right now is the multi family market.  Prices everywhere have increased for multi family units and keep continuing to grow.  For example, in Bakersfield, a ‘C’ neighborhood property used to be available for $50,000 – $60,000/door and now they are selling for close to $100,000/door in some areas. Part of this is due to investors from low return cities looking to earn a higher return a market that is close to theirs, for example, Los Angeles investors looking in Kern County, but now we are seeing a growth in a different segment of rentals. The single family rentalRead More →

buy a home

There have been talks about the markets and how they are reaching new highs.  Other experts have said, “We are due for a recession.”  Real estate prices in California are at record highs, and seem to keep climbing.  So why would this be a good time to buy? According to a survey forecast of Real Estate Professionals across the country, we will continue to see prices increase more widely in the next year.  California is expected to increase in property value between 3-4% next year.  How is this so with market peaks already? The problem comes down to a supply and demand issue.  If theRead More →