California Approved New Rooftop Solar Standards

Buying a home already is costly for far too many families. And now the state is going to add the cost of a rooftop solar system to every new home purchase, like it or not.

Starting January 1st, 2020, virtually all new homes built in California will be equipped with solar panels.

California Energy Commission voted in favor of new solar standards mandating that solar arrays be included on all new single-family homes and multi-family structures up to three stories.

This will bring California closer to meeting its goal of “net-zero” energy buildings. Homes built under the commission’s new solar and other efficiency standards are expected to use half as much energy as homes built in 2016 without panels, equivalent of taking 115,000 gas-burning cars off the road.

The new mandate doesn’t make existing houses in California get solar, though, just the 80,000 or so new houses built every year.

Serious About Buying A Home: Get Pre-Qualified

There are usually three stages to buying a home: the pre-home search, the home search and finally, being under contract. The initial pre-home-search refers to your goals,  expectations, and your budget. And by budget, it meant what you have been pre-qualified for.

Getting pre-qualified is the initial step in the mortgage process, and it’s generally fairly simple. As a home buyer, you will be pre-qualified by a lender depending on your income and debt. More often, clients reach out to real estate agents but have not yet  spoken to a lender. This is totally fine. However, real estate agents may just be limited in giving you recommendations but talking to lender will ensure you a smooth loan application process from start to finish.


The point of pre-qualification is to find out how much banks will lend you for a home purchase and at what rate. This is why clients need to be pre-qualified first; setting up searches, etc. is difficult without knowing how much money you have to work with.


A lender uses your basic income, debt and asset information you supply to establish a general picture of your financial situation. Your credit report will be pulled then run through an automated system which determines whether or not you qualify—and for how much.

The Right Time

Immediately! Before you even begin looking at houses, it’ll be useful to have a lender tell you where you’re at financially and help guide your next steps (even if it’s six months to a year ahead of time). Better than anyone else, a lender will be able to tell you how to get your finances in line for a purchase.

Pre-Qualified vs Pre-Approved

Getting pre-qualified is different from being pre-approved. Pre-qualification relies on the information you tell your lender; pre-qualification verifies all those facts. Pre-approval is better than pre-qualification in the housing market, so ask your lender and let them know if you want to go that far.

Getting pre-qualified for a home loan is daunting for anyone. It is best to find a mortgage professional first. If you can not find one, reach out to us to help you find the best mortgage loan to fit your needs.

Owning a home in Bakersfield is achievable. See how far your budget will go with our available Homes For Sale in Bakersfield today.

Flipping Homes: How To Make Sure Your Property Is Ready For The Market

Do you love flipping homes? If you’re ready to put in the work, there is certainly good money to be made.

Flipping (also called wholesale real estate investing) is a type of real estate investment strategy in which an investor purchases a property not for his own use, but with the intention of selling it for a profit.

How much it costs to flip a house will be different from project to project Most of the properties are older, historic homes (built in the 1920’s or earlier) and in need of lots of love.

Such homes lack many of the features and conveniences that modern buyers want. Some of these items can be quite obvious but others are much more subtle and take an experienced eye to see. Knowing about these items, and planning for them in your rehab budget, can make your project much more appealing when you put it on the market.

Entertainment Area

— Family living areas in older homes were not designed to accommodate big screen TV’s. Plan in your rehab where the big-screen TV will go. It may take moving walls, or it could even take building a family-room addition.

Electrical Outlets

— When figuring out your rehab budget, be sure you include a plan to have enough outlets.

Cable and Wires

— Older houses simply were not wired for cable, the internet, or even phones. Develop a plan for your home to be wired for these items, especially as we move closer and closer to the internet of things.

Increase The Storage

— Older homes often lack closet space. America was just not as prosperous in the 1920’s as it is today. Be sure to look at all closets. If they are small, expand them, and if they do not exist, add them.

Ensuite Baths

— Bathroom and closet space is often much more valuable then bedroom space. If you have money to spend (and you had better), spend it here. Bathroom suites are one thing that will make your house stand out from the rest.

Laundry Area

— No one wants to go downstairs into a dark basement to do laundry. Nor do they want the washer/dryer standing out in the kitchen. Now is the time to move them and make a dedicated space for them.

Sewer Lines

— Allot a budget to fix the sewer line on the front end when dealing with older homes.

Save On Energy

— Homes built in the 1920’s were not built to be energy efficient. Keeping energy costs down is going to be more and more of a concern as buyers become more energy conscious.

Flipping homes is one great type of real investment that is not as easy as it looked on TV. Looking at these most important items beforehand will ensure success when rehabbing.

Accessing Houses For Sale In Bakersfield CA

You’ve committed fully to finding your new dream home and you’re officially off to the races. However, searching for houses for sale in Bakersfield CA may not be as easy as it seems which is why having a reputable realtor on your side will go a long way in streamlining this complex process.

A Bakersfield Realtor Is Your Great Resource

Gaining access to the MLS has a ginormous amount of benefits. If you want to know when these Bakersfield real estate listings come into the market right away then work with a realtor.

In today’s competitive real estate market, these properties can go fast. A Bakersfield realtor can help you narrow your priorities and make an informed decision about which home to choose.

But wait…you still have one giant hurdle to overcome: You’ve got to make the offer that wins the house.

Making an offer on a property is just one of several important steps in your home buying journey. While the highest offer often wins out, being the first to make a solid offer is likely to help you get a ‘yes” and can give you an edge in a bidding war.

Sealing The Deal

  • Get pre-qualified. If you want to put yourself in a position to succeed, nothing beats having the wisdom and being prepared for  what’s ahead. It is one of the smartest things you can do to help your home buying process run smoothly. Getting pre-qualified for a home loan gives you an idea of what your loan program and the amount you could borrow might look like in advance. This way you can avoid the uncertainty of dashing after deals that you never could buy in the first place.
  • Set your criteria. This is the perfect time for you to tell your realtor or your agent exactly what you’re looking for in a property and your budget. Make a checklist and fill one out for each home you tour. It’s helpful to think of your requirements in three columns – needs, wants and wishes.  Affordability will obviously be a top criterion, but neighborhood, location, good schools, shops and a low crime rate are also likely to be important.
  • Sign up for automatic alerts. Be the first to see when a new property that meets your criteria hits the market by setting up automatic email or text alerts with your realtor.
  • Attend an open house. There are good reasons to attend an open house. Open houses are your chance to get to know a house for sale up close and personal. It can afford you the chance to meet and chat with the owner or a realtor so you can bring up any issues or hesitations you have with the home. It’s the agent’s job to make you feel both comfortable and informed, so if you are wondering about anything, ask away.

Finding houses for sale in Bakersfield CA is not hard. Yet, finding the right place is. If you think you are ready to own a home, we would be happy to help you get a better grasp of your home buying situation, lets you tour homes specific to your criteria and get all your questions answered.

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Finding New Homes in Bakersfield That’s Right For You

Bakersfield is one affordable place to raise a family. If you are on the lookout for new homes in this area, there are things you should consider that will ensure you are making the right decision before you commit.

Have these tips in mind and you will be happy with your transaction.Get Your Priorities in Order

If you’re serious about buying a home, you’re going to have to set appropriate, attainable goals for your search. Ask yourself questions that will help you get in touch with what you value. With input from all members of your household, write out everything you want in a home. When looking for homes, it’s easy to get swept up in the excitement. All sorts of charming features are bound to sway you but keeping your priorities list close at hand can help you stay on track.

Never Give Up on Location

Ask just about any real estate agent to list the three most important things a property should have, and you’ll likely hear “location”. Location is usually a priority that most people shouldn’t compromise. It will not just help determine the future value of your investment but can likewise affect many aspects of your everyday life. If your home’s location is not appealing to potential buyers, your home will take a long time when you decide to sell, while a good location will ensure your investment will be safe and profitable.

Create a Realistic Budget

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all the decisions that go into buying a new home. It’s important to know your budget before you begin house hunting.  Evaluate your needs as opposed to your “wants.” Sure, it would be great to have a home with a pool, extra bedrooms, a home theater room, or an indoor spa, and it would be even better if you can fit all of that into a reasonable budget, but the reality is, you probably don’t need all of those things. Just because you qualify for it doesn’t mean you need it.  Stick to what you can conveniently afford.

Best Size for Your Home

Each family is different, and everyone’s priorities and lifestyles are unique. Any house that you buy has to have the necessary space that you will need to live comfortably. In determining the size of the new home to buy, consider both your current and your future housing needs. Search for a house that will be adequate for you and your family for the next five to fifteen years at least.

There are many good reasons to own the roof over your head. When you are ready to buy, The Synergy Team has solid 15 years of real estate background and can help facilitate your purchase of buying new homes in Bakersfield. Take advantage of our No-Obligation consultation today!

Home Buying: Working With The Right Realtors In Bakersfield

Buying a house in Bakersfield can be a major ordeal.  While it is true that anyone can shop for a house, there is still no substitute to experienced Realtors in Bakersfield.

Thanks to the worldwide web, buyers can now do the greater part of the hard work with regards to finding the house they need. However, a realtor may be able to match you with the ideal property much faster.

Hire The Best Realtors in Bakersfield CA If You Want To Do It Right

  • When you are buying a home, it is not easy to know the ins and outs of your potential area. Realtors in Bakersfield can have access to the local MLS (multiple listing services) and can get you specifics on comps or unlisted units that are soon to come out of the market. They will be able to help you narrow down your choices by matching your home criteria.
  • Buyers don’t often know where to start when choosing a mortgage. Realtors in Bakersfield have respectable network of reliable agents, lenders and other professionals engaged in the home buying and selling process. They can help you find the right lender who can best assist you through the pre-approval process prior to your home shopping.
  • It could be a tiring and overwhelming experience when you’re house hunting. A realtor can save you lots of time and spare you the hassle of juggling all your home buying tasks by providing you with excellent options. They can help you clarify what you want most, and find you options that meet your specifications as much as possible.
  • When you go to buy a house in Bakersfield, you’re certainly hoping to get the best price and terms. The right realtor has the ability to negotiate the best price for your home purchase with their in-depth knowledge of the factors that affect the value of a home which is actually the basis for what you will pay for the house.
  • Although a realtor’s presence may not be necessary during closing, there may be some surprising number of details involved in a closing—all of which need to be wrapped up before you officially become the owner of the home. Your realtor can sew up all the bits and bobs so that the closing goes through without a problem, and will be there alongside you at the closing so you have support and advice should you need it.

Bakersfield is one area that is considered to be most desirable to purchase real estate. It is a growing city with potential and a good amount of things to do around town. Finding the perfect home in Bakersfield CA is not hard. Just make sure you work closely with the right Realtors in Bakersfield familiar with the area to find the home of your dreams.