mortgage qualifications

Mortgage Qualifications When we envision a successful future, our dreams almost always tend to include a home. Each of us may differ in house preferences yet the goal remains the same—a place to call our own! Financing is the most important aspect of the home buying process. Although your financial status is one of the many things that lenders will look more closely at, it doesn’t mean you can get a mortgage because you have a tremendous credit history and impressive assets. Here are some factors that will be considered in your application: Down Payment The 20 percent down payment is all but dead. You can now make a down paymentRead More →

cost of buying a house

You Will Need More Than A Deposit Ready to be a homeowner? Buying a house is a big financial commitment. It’s not just a deposit you need to budget for, but there are other ongoing and upfront expenses that can catch you off guard.  So here’s a full picture of the cost of buying a house: The amount of money you will need to have available to finalize your home purchase relies on various variables, primarily the price you paid for the house and the kind of loan you have procured. Down Payment and Earnest Money Deposit  You will be expected to submit an earnest money deposit that is typically 1-3% of the offer cost. When your offerRead More →

houses for sale in bakersfield

You’ve committed fully to finding your new dream home and you’re officially off to the races. However, searching for houses for sale in Bakersfield CA may not be as easy as it seems which is why having a reputable realtor on your side will go a long way in streamlining this complex process. A Bakersfield Realtor Is Your Great Resource Gaining access to the MLS has a ginormous amount of benefits. If you want to know when these Bakersfield real estate listings come into the market right away then work with a realtor. In today’s competitive real estate market, these properties can go fast. A Bakersfield realtor can help you narrow your priorities and make an informed decision about which home to choose. But wait…you still have one giant hurdle to overcome: You’ve got to make the offer that winsRead More →

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Buying a house in Bakersfield can be a major ordeal.  While it is true that anyone can shop for a house, there is still no substitute to experienced Realtors in Bakersfield. Thanks to the worldwide web, buyers can now do the greater part of the hard work with regards to finding the house they need. However, a realtor may be able to match you with the ideal property much faster. Hire The Best Realtors in Bakersfield CA If You Want To Do It Right When you are buying a home, it is not easy to know the ins and outs of your potential area. RealtorsRead More →

homes for sale in bakersfield

Are you looking for homes for sale in Bakersfield?  If so, have you thought about the features that you may want in your next home?  Have you been pre-qualified?  First-time home buyers should meet with a qualified lender, so they can understand what programs would be available to them when searching for homes in Bakersfield.  For example, there is a closing cost credit grant.  That can take thousands of dollars off of the amount of money needed to purchase your next home. If you have gotten to the point where you have been pre-qualified and understand what type of property you want, the next stepRead More →

Bakersfield homes for sale

Are you searching for Bakersfield homes for sale?  Do you know which homes you are looking for, or what the first step is to start buying? If you are a seasoned buyer, then you probably know that when searching for Bakersfield homes for sale, you should always start with a pre-qualification.  Why should this be the first step? For example, if Mr. Buyer tells his agent that he is looking for homes from $400,000 to $500,000, then the agent will go and find properties in that range that are good for the buyer.  After days of showings, the buyer finally finds the house that heRead More →

houses for sale in bakersfield

Have you been looking for houses for sale in Bakersfield? What type of house are you looking for? Where do you start in the buying process? Should you speak to a lender? What is a first time buyer credit? These are all the questions that people would ask. At Synergy, we aim to provide you with a complete customer experience. We will provide you with a road map on how to get through your next real estate transaction without any hiccups. If you are a first time home buyer, we can help you narrow down your search and make sure that you are looking at housesRead More →

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There have been talks about the markets and how they are reaching new highs.  Other experts have said, “We are due for a recession.”  Real estate prices in California are at record highs, and seem to keep climbing.  So why would this be a good time to buy? According to a survey forecast of Real Estate Professionals across the country, we will continue to see prices increase more widely in the next year.  California is expected to increase in property value between 3-4% next year.  How is this so with market peaks already? The problem comes down to a supply and demand issue.  If theRead More →