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Coronavirus Relief in Real Estate Investing

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Because COVID 19 has provided such an unusual case in the world right now, there are quite a few moving parts and changing tactics as to how to solve the problems that arise.  For example, the largest stimulus bill in the U.S. History has been signed into effect and is providing a lot of relief to real estate investors and the like.  

Stimulus Checks

As a most basic help to the economy, every citizen that falls within specific criteria will receive a stimulus check of up to $1200.  The checks are sent out to try and keep people current on bills and keep the economy flowing as it should.  It can also be used as a credit towards your tax payment, if you were to have any.  This stimulus check does come with income limits, so depending on your income and tax situation it might behoove you to increase real estate depreciation on some real estate assets so you can lower the taxable income into the given tax bracket.  

Taxes Payments

You may also notice that most federal payments are being pushed back right now.  For example, the tax filing date has been pushed back and the payment deadline has been pushed back as well.  These delays in deadlines will also be coupled with a waiver of late fees due as well.  

Retirement accounts

If you have been looking at your retirement account recently, you might have realized that it has been incredibly volatile and oftentimes has lost value.  Because the federal government doesn’t want you to lose faith in your retirement accounts and investments, they are pushing the deadline back for contributions and are waiving the required minimum distributions for the year as well.  Not to mention that purchasing stocks and investments at a low point in the market could be a really good way to increase your net portfolio value. 

Real Estate Investors and Landlords

If you are a real estate investor and landlord, this can be a very interesting time for yourself as well.  Some benefits you can receive from the current economic environment include: forgivable loan programs through the SBA, sick leave and emergency leave pay, and tax credits.  If you have real estate employees for your business, you can apply for a loan that can eventually be forgiven by the SBA.  This is to be used to cover payroll, however, they have not specified the exact use that the money needs to have.  

This coronavirus epidemic has been evolving on a daily basis, and by the time this article is written there may be some changes in the information given.  Make sure to check all details of this article before acting upon it.

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