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Bakersfield’s Amazon Distribution Center


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Sunny with Synergy Real Estate & Property Management here with you today. Today’s topic is about Bakersfield, CA, specifically the northside of Bakersfield.  Amazon Distribution Center has expanded its branch to our city with a million plus square feet on the northside of town, just near the airport. It’s opening has added about 2000 jobs according to news reports. 

How is it Affecting the Northside of Bakersfield?

That’s a huge boon for that part of the town, even more so for the whole city because it brings a lot of recognition to Bakersfield. People are more apt to view it as up and coming and will be making it a name in the future. Already, we’re one of the bigger cities in California but can sometimes be considered on the smaller side. Along with this new Amazon Distribution Center, we have the IKEA Distribution Center and Target Distribution Center. What that does is it brings attention to Bakersfield? Now people are now starting to see the city as a more viable location for investment. 

 Not only has Amazon brought 2000 jobs, but there’s a lot of other space (industrial, class a, and office space) that is being sold or leased and is looking to be newly developed. This creates a nicer part of the industrial side of town that was previously not so nice. Now, not only are we seeing rents going up in the single and multifamily market because of COVID and the low inventory but because we have a lot of new investors coming in. They’re seeing these properties on the northside as a good long term investment. 

Here at Synergy Real Estate and Property Management we are very tapped into what’s going on in the city. We are confident we can guide you on where to invest your money and move forward with something cash flowing; something that will provide you with good value in the future. 


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