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How to Bypass the Eviction Moratorium

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How are you doing? This is Sunny with Synergy Real Estate and Property Management in Bakersfield, CA. Today we’re going to go over evictions specifically in the Bakersfield, CA area for rental properties. 

What is Eviction Moratorium?

What you may have heard is, due to COVID there is a rental eviction moratorium that is going on right now. What that’s doing is stopping landlords from evicting tenants that are not paying their rents. This causes a big problem because you’re still going to have to pay your rent as a landlord. What’s going to happen if you don’t pay your rent if you can’t afford to because your tenant is not paying the rent you’re supposed to be collecting? 

This is a big problem people are having. What do I do when people are not paying their rents and I can not evict them? Especially in Bakersfield right now, you’re going to have another 90 days past when the state pulls the eviction moratorium or the state of emergency.

Lets see a scenario!

For example, today is August 14 and we’re currently in a state of emergency. If they pull the state of emergency September 1, for numbers sake, it will be another 90 days past then before we can start doing evictions again. 

Let’s say that you had a tenant that stopped paying rent back in May. That means that you will probably not be able to get that tenant out or even the eviction started until December and then we’re looking at another 45 days past that at a pretty decent rate. Assuming that there are no problems moving forward with the eviction.  That’s 6 months to almost a year in lost rent.

Are there other options?

Another option that you have is to give a notice to vacate. If your tenant is month to month and you’re not able to get the tenant out because they’re not paying the rent you can do a notice to vacate.

The only problem is the notice to vacate has to fall under certain guidelines in the state of California. If you have an older unit that is in need of a full remodel, that is one of the reasons that you can use. 

Maybe it’s a situation where you have to sell a home you live in to move into a rental. That’s another reason you can use a notice to vacate to get the tenants out.

There are a couple different options out there. As property management we want to explore how we can help our landlords. We love to be able to give you property and real estate news on a regular basis. As far as help in property management feel free to give us a call or comment inquiries using the information below.
If you have questions as a landlord please reach out to us via email or phone. Our office is only open by appointment, as of right now, due to COVID. We are always happy to help.


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