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Improving Home Before Selling

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Hi. How are you doin’? Sunny of Synergy here. So today, we’re gonna talk about the kind of  stress the sellers have when they sell their homes. 

So one of the first big stresses that you have when you sell your home is well, “how does my home look,” right? “Is this good enough?” “Do I need to kind of fix some of these other items that I’ve been delaying for these couple of years that I’m living here?” “Or should I just sell in this current condition?”

And you know a lot of the times we do recommend that a lot of these items were fixed especially if you are dealing with a residential property but also with multi-family commercial property as well.

Because what happens is, when these little, little items are taken care of, it shows that you have pride in your building. Not only that but also looks a lot better.  And people, whether you like it or not, are gonna buy this kind of pretty asset to own. And especially when you are talking about residential homes, people want to buy homes that are completely done.

So looking at, “ok, well my paint needs touch up”.  So what we do is we go ahead and walk through when we’re listing a home,  and let the sellers know we recommend it should  be  taken care of, i.e. you know to touch up some interior paint, touch up the exterior, possibly add  some window screens. Maybe fix a few wear and tear items, things like that. And so what we’ll go through, we’ll walk through with the sellers and make sure that they know these things, and we’ll go ahead and  get them a price from a couple of vendors as well to make sure that that work gets done.

From there, we’ll make sure that you know, whatever is approved is actually getting done on time, looks good and when it does look good, then we go ahead and get all of our marketing done for the home.

So that could really be big stressors as far as, “how do we get this home ready”, “what should we be doing” and “how can we kind of get the best price for our property?”

If you are looking for some more information, or if you have any specific questions, please feel free to contact us using the information below and hope you have a good day.

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