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Is There Any Way To Sell Your Home Without Making Repairs?

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As a seller with a house on market, you want the buyer to be able to walk in and easily envision their life in your home. But before buyers consider your home seriously, it must address issues and meet their needs in numerous ways. If these requirements are met, the buyer will move toward making an offer for your home. So getting your home ready for sale is the most logical thing to do to enable the buyer to build trust in your home as quickly as possible. Your initial step should be to address evident and concealed repair issues.

Do A Home Repair Checklist

Remember that potential buyers and their realtors don’t have the fond personal recollections and familiarity that you have with your home. They will see it with a basic and observing eye. Foresee their worries before they ever walk inside your home. Stroll through each room and think about how buyers will react to what they see. Make a total rundown of every single required fix. It will be increasingly productive to have them all done without a moment’s delay. Consider hiring a pro to fix the things rapidly. In the event that your home is a fixer-upper, remember that most buyers will hope to make a profit that is significantly over the expense of cost and materials. When a house needs obvious repairs, buyers will expect that there are even a greater number of problems than meet the eye. Deal with fixes before promoting your home. Your home will sell quicker and at a greater expense.

Don’t Skimp on the Inspection

It is a smart thought to have your home inspected by an expert before putting it on the market. Your may find a few issues that will come up later on the buyer’s inspection report. You will have the option to address these things on your own time, without the involvement of the prospective buyer. You don’t need to fix each thing that is reviewed because there are building code regulations that you  may not be able to meet like stair measurements, handrail tallness, etc.  Leave these things as they are. Simply note on the inspection report which things you have fixed, and which are left in its present condition. Append the report to your Seller’s Disclosure, alongside any fix receipts that you have. A professional inspection answers the buyer’s concerns early, decreases re-negotiations after contract, and makes a more elevated level of trust in your home.

Remodeling May Not Be The Solutions

Should you remodel before you market your home? No. Major improvements do not make sense just before selling a home. Studies show that remodeling projects do not return 100% of their cost in the sales price. Normally, it does not pay to replace cabinets, re-do kitchens, upgrade bathrooms, or add space prior to selling. There is a fine line between remodeling and making repairs. You will need to draw this line as you review your home.

What To Look Out For

  1. Countertops are outdated: If other components of the house are up to date, the kitchen may be greatly improved by new, modern countertops. Although this is an upgrade, not a repair, it may be worth doing because the kitchen has a significant impact on the value of your home.
  2. Carpet is worn or outdated: Carpet replacement almost always worth doing. Sellers often ask if they should offer an allowance for carpet, and let the buyer choose. Do not take this approach. Choose a neutral shade, and make the change yourself. New carpet makes everything in the house look better.
  3. Wall texture is poor: You may have an outdated texture style or acoustic ceiling. In most cases, it does not make sense to strip and re-texture the walls. Just repair any wall damage or minor texture problems.
  4. Walls need paint: This is a must do! Freshly painted walls greatly improve the perception of your home. Don’t forget the baseboards and trim. Use neutral colors, such as cream, sage green, beige/yellow, or gray/blue. Stark white, primary colors and dark colors do not appeal to a wide market, and may be a negative factor.
  5. Bathroom caulking is dirty: Put this on the must do list. Cracked or stained caulking is a turn-off to buyers. It is easily replaced. Make sure the tile grout does not have voids.
  6. Drainage or leak problems: Address any drainage issues or leaks in plumbing or roof. Use professional help to correct the source of the problem and check for mold. Fully disclose the repair on your sellers disclosure, but avoid giving a personal guarantee of the repair.
  7. Structural and trim repairs: Fix any sheetrock holes, damaged trim, torn vinyl, broken windows, rotten wood or rusty fixtures. Homes sell for more that show a reasonable level of maintenance.
  8. Overgrown shrubs and weedy beds: Repairs to the yard are some of the most cost effective changes you can make. Mow and edge the lawn. Add inexpensive mulch to flower beds. Cut back any shrubs that cover windows. Trim tree branches that rub against the roof. Buy new doormats. Replace dead plants. Remove any trash.
  9. Check HVAC, plumbing and electrical systems: These systems need routine maintenance. Have the heat/AC system serviced and filters changed. Check for plumbing leaks, toilets that rock, corroded water heater valves, and other plumbing problems. Replace burned out bulbs and electrical fixtures that do not work. Check your sprinkler system and pool equipment for problems.

A home is an investment and regular maintenance. This is one of the primary reasons real estate agents and realtors recommend taking care of certain things before you list your home. By making repairs you will answer buyers questions early, build trust in your home more quickly, and proceed through the closing process with fewer surprises.

If the thought of selling your home brings you feelings of anxiety, then let a professional handle it for you. We are an easier way to sell your home with a fair, fast and excellent offer. Feel free to reach out to us!

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