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Kern River Parkway: Another Treasure You Would Love About Bakersfield

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If you are dreaming of living in a place with a beautiful outdoor lifestyle, California will doubtless be in your mind. For those living in cold cities, it isn’t easy to enjoy the outdoors. Fortunately, Bakersfield has a year-round climate that makes it an awesome setting for outdoor lovers.

Located close to Kern River, Bakersfield offers several ways to enjoy the outdoors. It features several local parks, bike trails, and multiple little hidden gems throughout the city.

The Kern River Parkway (aka The Bike Path)

Kern River Parkway is primarily a protected area in Bakersfield, California and the largest municipal park in the county.  For the biking enthusiast, the park offers a bike path that runs from Alfred Harrell Highway in the Northeast to Enos Lane in the Southwest.

Kern River Parkway

Kern River

Kern River Parkway

The Bike Path is large and one will get a feel for all kinds of flora and fauna between its over 20-mile stretch. Bakersfield residents instantly know what a gem it is — one can go on parkway for exercise, do a relaxing stroll, enjoy the river front, admire the clean parks, get cool photo opportunities or simply take delight in the outdoors.

Kern River Parkway

Some of the best areas to ride are in the Eastern section near Calm and Hart Park. It’s quiet, serene, and very peaceful.  There’s a few inclines here and there that will make your riding a little tough but most of the path is very flat.

Living in Bakersfield gives plenty of opportunities to get outdoors. Whether its boating, fishing or biking along the Kern River Parkway, you’ll find something that you live to do outside that you love.

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