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23 Jul

Landlord Problems – Tenants Who Know Their Laws


My Tenant Won’t Leave!
Landlord problems are very common and if you have been a Landlord for some time now, chances are you have come across a Tenant who knows their laws and is playing games.

Nightmare on My Street
For example, you have purchased a property for rent and placed a Tenant in that property.  Everything is going well until one day the Tenant stops paying rent.  Not only do they stop paying rent, but they also start complaining about different items that are ‘wrong’ with the house.  All of a sudden, the sink is leaking, and the back door doesn’t lock properly, and there is a roof leak in the house, windows don’t open, the heater isn’t working, and this is the first you have heard of it.

Naturally, being the good Landlord that you are, you want to inspect and keep your property habitable, so you check what repairs actually need to be made before you find the correct professional to come in and repair everything.  You make an appointment with the Tenant which the Tenant confirms, and when you show up to do your inspection the Tenant refuses entry to the property.  Now, because you don’t have any rent yet, and the Tenant has not let you in for your inspection, you let them know that you will be filing a 3-day notice to which they do not respond.

What The?!
Baffled, you go back to the drawing board. This time you send out your notices and let the Tenant know that regardless of their occupancy of the property, according to their lease, they have to allow entry for repairs which the court has said are necessary. Once those repairs are made, you post your notice to the Tenant, and have your attorney start on the process once again. This time your Tenant files another response stating their many other issues with the property and your management tactics, so you are bound to go back to court again so you can sort it out, but at this point you have lost countless hours of time and energy, along with money for the eviction and back rents. To top it all off, the Tenant has been staying in your property for 3 months rent-free at this point. Little did you know that the Tenant was receiving professional advice from another attorney this whole time which has allowed them to play the game to stay in the property for this long and possibly longer given how the trial goes the second time around.

Fed Up
Fed up, because you did not know the intricacies of the law, and are tired of dealing with these problems, while you have a full time job and a life outside of that, you come to Synergy Property Management. You tell us your problems, and we start working to help you take care of the eviction through using the correct paperwork and processes, and then once the Tenants are out we get the bids to get the repair work done so we can bring the property up to current market rent standards and we place it under homes for rent. A few weeks later, after many showings and vetting, we come back to you with a Tenant who has been vetted by their income, credit, and background, at which point you tell us that you have never vetted someone like this before (which is a crucial step in mitigating your risk). Because you are so happy with our service you then go on to refer us your friends and family so our business can grow, and your properties can be taken care of professionally.

The Moral Of The Story
Sometimes paying a property management professional to do the work is more important than doing the work yourself. If you spend an extra $50-$100/month but don’t have to worry about the hassles of management, isn’t that a worthwhile expense?

Thanks for taking the time to read this!

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