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New Home Sale in Bakersfield, CA

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If you are a Buyer in Bakersfield right now, you may be looking at new construction.  Given the abundant amount of land, and the new home feel, this can be a very strong option for most Buyers.  That being said, new homes tend to be a little more expensive because they are new and have theoretically more amenities than other homes, but could this be the time for you to strike a deal on that new construction home you were looking at buying? 

May 2020 – New Construction Homes in Bakersfield

Looking at May 2020 when people started opening up and COVID had seemed to be under control, we saw that new construction sales reported were around 30 properties in total.  With approximately 1 sale per day across the new construction in town, there seemed to be a little more room for negotiation from the new construction home sellers.  Maybe an extra credit for the backyard, maybe an extra credit towards closing.  

June 2020 – New Construction in Limbo

To date (6/24/20) we have had 28 sales in new construction homes in Bakersfield which is a slight increase over the previous month, so we can see that sales are picking up but we are still around 1-2 sales per day.  This means that we could still pick up a few extra bonuses on this new construction, but in most cases, with the sales picking up it might be time to purchase your next new home instead of waiting. Before the COVID crisis hit we saw between 30-40 new home sales per month, and since we are tracking to get back to those numbers, it might behoove you to start looking at new construction.  

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