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New Medical Development In Bakersfield

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Bakersfield has a growing number of aging population just like the rest of America. Because of this there are a lot of different medical providers that are moving to the area, and because Bakersfield serves a large majority of the small towns around the area as well, we are seeing more major medical services popping up. In Bakersfield, it seems there is a group of physician investors that has been developing most of the properties. This group has been together for over a decade investing together. Their newest project is set to start off a larger medical campus for the Rio Bravo / East Bakersfield area.

The First Medical Building

The first building planned for this medical campus spans two stories, 50 beds and around 60,000 square feet. The cost to develop a building like this? It is estimated around $48 million. This building is looking to provide advanced medical care to those in need from strokes to burns and many more issues. It is also looking at bringing around 150 new jobs to the area.

The Medical Campus

The entire campus is around 46 acres based in East Bakersfield around the Highway 178 and Morning Drive location. Over time they are looking to bring more development into the Rio Bravo Medical Campus by developing around 16 acres of retail space and 17 acres of housing. The investor group from Bakersfield is looking at using a Fresno based health care developer, and is working with a real estate investment trust focusing on medical properties with over 41,000 licensed beds across the country.

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