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Panorama Bluffs : The Best Nature Spot In Bakersfield

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Are you someone who enjoys watching the sun set into the horizon? Or someone who enjoys great morning walks or jogs? If you are, then this is just the right place for you.

Although not what you may consider as a traditional park with play equipment or public restrooms, Panorama Bluffs (aka “The Bluffs”) is a perfect place for a leisurely stroll that provide views of the Kern River oilfields, Oildale and downtown Bakersfield.

Panorama Bluffs

The park is enjoyed largely for its concrete paths excellent for walking or biking and for its scenic view down over the bluffs to the Panorama Vista Preserve, the Kern River with two neighboring canals and adjacent oil producing lands.

Panorama Bluffs

About a mile long in length, the Panorama Bluffs are great for pretty much anything you want to do—taking walks, walking your pets, go for a run, go hiking or ride your bike through the scenic natural preserve.

Panorama Bluffs

Want to move into a home that is just a few minutes from one of the best views in Bakersfield? Contact us today and start looking forward to an everyday morning walk along The Panorama Bluffs!


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