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Rental Property Management Bakersfield

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If you are a real estate investor in real estate, it can be crucial to have the best rental property management in Bakersfield.  What can a property management company do for you as a real estate investor? Why don’t you just manage your own units? 

What Can Rental Property Management Do For You?

The most common reason for most real estate investors to get a rental property management company is  because of mismanagement of the property. A majority of our Owners will come to us because they placed a Tenant in the Property, but they did not do the correct background check.  They may have known the Tenant through a friend of a friend, or heard a sob story and decided to work with the Tenant. Sure enough, once the Tenant is in the building there starts to be problems slowly, and the real estate investor, being the nice people we are, decides to work with the Tenant.  Now, you are sitting a few months later with no rent or partial rent, and the Tenant telling you that they will catch up, and even when you offer to have them leave the Property, they end up making an excuse as to why they cant.  

You need a good rental property management company in Bakersfield to take care of these issues for you.  At Synergy Property Management, we make sure to follow our strict rules on rent collection and background checks to try and provide the best possible service to our real estate investor Owners.  

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I Manage My Own Rental Property In Bakersfield

Other real estate investors believe that they should manage their own rentals, which is a reasoning I can get behind.  Why? Because with 1-2 units it is very easy to collect the rents that you need to and deal with any minor maintenance problems.  However, when you start getting into multi-family properties, or other apartment buildings, maybe even multiple single family homes, it becomes important to hire rental property management in Bakersfield.  

As an investor, you had to derive your income from somewhere which means that you most likely have something else to do.  Having a rental property management company in Bakersfield can help you get back into the work that allows you to make the most amount of money and allows you to buy more rental properties. 

We have done many deals, and continue to do many deals that return our Clients a net return of 6%, 8% or even double digits on their real estate.  If you are interested in real estate investing in Bakersfield, feel free to reach out to Synergy Real Estate and Property Management.  

We provide our real estate investing clients a one-stop shop service where you can be sure that you are buying a quality investment property, and having that property managed in order to preserve your initial investment capital. 

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