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Due diligence is imperative in any real estate transaction. For many, home buying marks a significant milestone so it’s important that you do it right from the start. We hope you’ll find this BUYER TOOLS a valuable resource on your journey.

First Time Home Buyer

Know what programs are available for first time home buyers.

Home buying Overview

These are the important things you should know about buying a home.

Before You Buy

The steps you need to take prior to the home buying process.

Your Guide To Financing

What can you afford and how much loan can you obtain

Home Inspection

Learn how you can avoid facing unexpected home repairs and hassles.

Ready To Take On Home Ownership?

Find your ideal property in Bakersfield today. Check out our latest property listings!

Understand what your home may be worth and we’ll walk you through the process.

Investor Opportunities

Find new Bakersfield commercial and residential sale services or property investments


Learn the numerous variations of real estate investment and how to generate income