home selling checklist

Are you looking to list your home? Selling a home means more than just putting a “For Sale” sign in front of your lawn.  Here are a few of the home selling checklist you can follow to make sure your home is at its best and ensure that it gets sold fast.


Take a look at your belongings and decide what’s worth keeping. You’ll probably find a lot of knick-knacks that don’t serve the same value to potential buyers. Remove any unnecessary furniture that is laying around the house to make rooms look and feel bigger to buyers.


The goal here is to enable others to picture themselves in your home without you. This can be challenging when you have pictures of your family members or decor that is personalized to you. Take a look at your home and seek out areas to make neutral.

Pump Up Curb Appeal

If you haven’t cleaned the yard in a while, you’ll have some work cut out for you! Remove dead branches from trees, pull weeds, and trim hedges. If you have any minor repairs that need to be made, take the time to do so. Simple fixes, include painting the fence or door and repairing cracks in the driveway, can go a long way in making the sale. (Another helpful tip: Refresh Your Home Before A Sale)

Make Minor Repairs

Though they may be small, minor items can put off potential buyers. Think of things like leaky faucets, broken window or door screens, cracks in drywall, and discolored or otherwise damaged paint. Be sure to look around the house for burnt out light bulbs and replace them.


Deep clean your house. This includes tedious tasks, like cleaning behind the refrigerator and around the stove. Be sure to move furniture to access areas of the house that may have been neglected for some time. Invest in a few air fresheners and open up some windows to get rid of any unwanted odors. Make sure to keep the house in an exceptionally clean condition until it sells.

We believe that making the decision to sell your home and move your family is your job, but giving you all the real estate information you need to make the best decision is ours. Reach to us today!

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