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Stuck At Home? Build Out Your Backyard

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Backyard Improvement Ideas

In most places around the country COVID 19 lockdowns are starting to end.  People are going back out in masses and they are starting to act like the virus does not exist.  Because of this we have seen a massive spike in cases and are potentially headed into another lockdown, with states now looking at enforcing face mask wearing when out in public, but this doesn’t stop the beautiful summer that is upon us and that means going outside and doing things… Oh wait you cant!  We at least now it might be time to start working and do some backyard improvement.

Lazy Sunday Can Now Be Everyday!

Outdoor daybeds have seen a recent spike in popularity given the new trend of staying in your home and making it your full time quarantine palace.  These outdoor day beds are very popular in some parts of the world, but bringing them here to the United States has been a little harder than before, but what is better than a forced vacation in your home to order that daybed from IKEA and finally figure out how to put it together!

Refresh Your Home Before A Sale

Some People Can’t Stand It Anymore

While Bakersfield is ranked one of the drunkest cities by some, this COVID pandemic is presenting a great opportunity to make some Grade A alcoholics out of people, and what better to make your drinking more fun than an outdoor bar?!  Inquiries in outdoor bars have increased close to 200% during this pandemic and it doesn’t seem to have any signs of slowing down, but think about selling your property with an outdoor bar, this could be just the feature to push these Buyers over the edge versus that other guys house down the street that doesn’t have any fun amenities!

If You Can’t Stand It Anymore, Might As Well Just Burn It Down!

Once your outdoor bar has served its use in bringing your blood alcohol level to a sufficient point, it is now time for you to set it all on fire!  Backyard fire pits have increased in popularity over the years and now is not the time for them to stop!  We have seen that people love their fire pits.  Whether it is just to make a large fire in their backyard, or it is used to huddle around for heat in the winter times, this is really an all year amenity for your backyard that many people really like and are even looking for in their next home purchase. 

Have questions on what to do with your next home improvement project or more of backyard improvement ideas?  Ask us at Synergy what projects will give you the best bang for your buck.

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