22 Dec

The Bakersfield Housing Market is Booming

Hey everybody, This is Sunny with Synergy Real Estate and Property Management here in Bakersfield, California. Today we’re going to be talking to you about the Bakersfield housing market. We want to go over what’s been going on in the face of COVID-19. Now we’re pretty far into this thing and people are starting to fall into […]

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cost of buying a house
30 May

The True Cost of Buying A House

You Will Need More Than A Deposit Ready to be a homeowner? Buying a house is a big financial commitment. It’s not just a deposit you need to budget for, but there are other ongoing and upfront expenses that can catch you off guard.  So here’s a full picture of the cost of buying a house: The amount of money you will need […]

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millennial homebuying
25 May

Millennials To Spend More On Rent Than Their Predecessors

Top four cities where Gen Z are projected to spend the most money on rent are all in California It’s no surprise that rent is more expensive for Millennials than it was for baby boomers. But soaring rent costs will hit Generation Z the hardest, those born between 1998 and 2016, according to new analysis […]

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