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Why Invest In Commercial Real Estate In Bakersfield?

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With Extensive Experience in Bakersfield Commercial Real Estate

Looking into other areas around California, you can see that prices have been steadily rising and are seeing pretty good returns in income as well, however, what is the price point for buy in? Are you ready to step into a $10M+ property?  Do you have the capital necessary?

Commercial Real Estate in Bakersfield can provide good returns with a minimal investment, comparatively.  For example, we are working on a development project currently that is going to yield around 15,000 rentable square footage, and will command about $30,000/month in rental income to tenants who will pay all other expenses as well.  Total project cost was around $120 per square foot.  This gives a gross yield of 22.5%, not to mention that once the project is completely leased we can go ahead and sell the building at a large profit.  At Synergy Real Estate, we can provide services to make development easy, from financing to design, build, leasing and sales.  Commercial real estate in Bakersfield is one of our many specializations and we are looking forward to helping you with your projects.

What about just purchasing a building for lease?

Our specialty at Synergy Real Estate is to help our clients identify, lease, and maximize profits from commercial real estate in Bakersfield.  We have the ability to give you lease comparables, and cost estimates to rehab buildings so that you have a good idea prior to purchase that you can make a tidy profit on the building.  After leasing the property, we can help maximize your returns by bringing in Property Management to make sure that you are getting the most out of your property and it stays in top condition into the future.  We have helped multiple clients increase not only their revenues from their buildings but also build equity in their buildings to be able to use on their next projects.

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