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Why Use A Realtor To Purchase Your Home?

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What Is A Realtor, and Why Are They Important?

A Realtor is someone who has not only taken and passed the tests needed to help clients buy and sell their real estate, but a Realtor is someone who also upholds the standards and ethics given by the National and California Association of Realtors.  These ethics are what make a big difference between someone looking to just sell you a home that may or may not be right for you, and someone who is willing to take the time and effort to advise you on the right purchase for yourself.  

Why Can’t I Just Call The Listing Agent?

Many buyers believe that if they call the listing agent they can get a better deal on the property because the agent will be more inclined to either give a discount on their commission or push the Seller to accept their offer (a lot of the time below par offer).  This can be true and is done in the industry on a regular basis, however, it does not make it legal or even ethically right to engage in that activity.  

One of the main reasons to find a Realtor that is best suited for you is to make sure that you have someone who is in your corner and willing to fight for your interests.  There are tactics that you learn in the profession that will help negotiate on behalf of our clients, and in my case, I have seen multiple people select offers from other Realtors, over other buyers because of the professionalism that comes with that designation.  

Why Can’t I Just Put My Property For Sale on Zillow?

Zillow is a great tool, and most certainly does provide a benefit, but what we have seen is the biggest problem from owners trying to sell their properties is pricing.  Good Realtors are well versed in their markets.  They know how many houses are selling and whether the market is going up or down.  They know where the new developments are going and how to price your property for the quickest sale at the highest dollar (if your Realtor doesn’t know these things it may be a good time to keep looking!)

Pricing is a huge problem because sellers tend to think their properties are worth more due to sentimental value, versus, pricing their property with logic and market facts, something which a good Realtor will have easy access to and be well versed in.  In fact, most for sale by owner homes are sold at lower prices than they could have been sold, and most of that is due to the marketing tactics used.  Also, just putting your home on a website might save you a few percent on the transaction, but you will still have to pay commissions most likely because the buyers of the property will still most likely be using their own Realtor to purchase the property.  

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